Pat Moody talks about Preibe’s Creative Woodworking

Check out this article written by Pat Moody of Moody on the Market:


I sat down with Jeff and Lillian recently to help find the best way to tell their truly unique story and Jeff immediately suggested, “Really there’s nothing magical about our story in any way other than we work hard and have been blessed to be a part of many homes.”

It might not be magic itself, but the end results are decidedly magical to those who sign on to obtain the full measure of what the Priebe team brings to the drawing table every time.

In any industry, a key element is consistency, and Jeff & Lillian are privileged to tell us that they have a vast majority of the same employees on staff—they are family. As Jeff notes, “Some of our team members have been here for 20-plus years. That’s been a real key advantage for us. The craftmanship of building, finishing & installing cabinetry takes years to learn we would love to see the younger generations take an interest in learning this trade.”

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